Review On Luxury Replica Rolex Explorer 214270

2016 Basel Watch Show, Rolex is not only the introduction of the ceramic ring of steel Daytona, but also quietly launched a new Rolex Explorer EXPLORER, more harmonious disc, 369 finally the whole night, and movement has also been upgraded, but the model Or 214270!

Rolex enthusiasts in the eyes of many, Rolex Explorer is the most pure one of the Rolex movement table. It looks simple, there is no rotating bezel, magnifying glass or other eye-catching elements of Rolex. There is no date on the clean dial window, 3,6,9 point with Arabic numerals.

A Brief History Of The Explorer

In 1953, the first Rolex Explorer watch, with the world’s first Mount Everest summit, model Ref.6350;

In 1963, in order to commemorate 10 years ago Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Jazz Everest summit, Rolex launched the Explorer I-type watches, model Ref.1016, the Rolex brand is the longest production history of the record holder.

In 1989, Rolex launched the Explorer I watch improved watch, model Ref.14270, using high-frequency Cal.3000 movement; from the beginning of the year, Explorer I-type watches more luxurious, time scale and digital Are platinum materials.

In 2001, Rolex launched the same style of explorer I-type watches 114270, but the movement replaced with a new Cal.3130 movement.

In 2010, the launch of the new explorer 214270, which has a larger case, 39 mm, compared to the former representative section only 36 mm. The 3132 movement also has a new shock absorber, as well as a self-made Parachrom spring and a new Oysterlock folding clasp.

“Old” Replica Rolex 39 mm Explorer, despite the size to keep up with the times, but we have been criticized is the time the needle is too short, there is no corresponding increase in the trend to keep up with the case; and 3,6,9 digital time scale is not And then hollow, but solid material, of course, there is no luminous material. It now appears that everyone’s complaints, Rolex estimates are seen and silently down.

The new 2016 Rolex explorer uses the same model — 214270, the same 39 mm 904 stainless steel case, but the overall look more like the early dial 1016 watch. First of all, unlike replica hublot watches, the hour hand minute hand lengthened, the minute hand tip refers to the minute scale, the pointer is wider, the watch pointer and disk size does not meet the perception immediately disappeared;

Second, 3,6,9 point of the Arabic numerals time scale for the first time filled with super luminous material (Chromalight), and the entire dial on the luminous material is now a blue glow, rather than the usual light green luminous, this Luminous materials known as brighter and more durable, the first time for the Sea-Dweller Deepsea sea-type deep-sea watch.

The new Rolex Explorer 214270 built-in or 3132 movements, with blue niobium Parachrom springs and Paraflex shock, power reserve, or 48 hours. But the accuracy of the 3132 movement standard improved by Rolex’s Super Observatory certification, to achieve -2 / 2 seconds / day of high-precision error range, and relative to the COSC certification testing only movement error, fake Rolex will be equipped with organic Core watch to re-test, in order to achieve their own high standards, but also five-year warranty!

Case and strap are Rolex exclusive 904L grade stainless steel, Oyster strap with Easylink function, can easily extend the 5 mm extension link.

In my opinion, this new Replica Rolex Explorer 214270 is the most cost-effective Rolex sports watches, simple and generous, you and I are not deep-water enthusiasts, 100 meters waterproof enough for you into the sea. The official retail price of 6200 Swiss francs ( 5900, compared to 2010 explorer pricing for 5250 euros).

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