Review On Replica Rolex Explorer II 216570 Watch

Exploration is a spirit. In addition to the exploration of the earth, the Jedi, which is the only place where no one set foot in the depths of the earth and the flames and volcanoes, is a test of courage, perseverance and adventurous spirit. It is the pursuit of a deeper level and Higher state of the process.

Watch Origin:

May 29, 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch worn by the success of Everest. In order to pay tribute to this initiative, Rolex design and development of the explorer-type watch.

Explorers symbolize Rolex and explore the world’s indissoluble bound. Since the late 20s of last century, Rolex on the world as a laboratory, in the real test conditions under environmental conditions. In the pioneer spirit, Rolex for many Himalayan adventure watch, and to continue to develop and improve the Oyster watch performance, making it more accurate, sturdy and reliable. With the deepening of human exploration of the world, Rolex carefully studied and improved technology to create a polar environment is still practical and robust and reliable watch, the watch manufacturing process to the extreme.

In 1971, Rolex launched Explorer II, not only inherited the original Rolex explorer type of extraordinary tradition, more unique style.

In 2011, explorer II released the fortieth anniversary, Rolex improved explorer II. The most obvious is the size of the case, from 40 mm in diameter to expand to 42 mm, the surface is more spacious, more readable. The larger the pointer, and more clearly visible. However, the most unique look to be its orange 24-hour pointer, the end of the arrow shape, and the 1971 Adventurer II prototype echoes.

Severe Environmental Partners:

With its unique design features, this sturdy and precise watch has become an indispensable companion to cave scientists, volcanologists, and polar and forest explorers. It is strong and elegant, with the wearer through the most severe environmental conditions.

Ed Wiesters

Ed Viesturs is America’s leading high-altitude mountaineering expert, conquering many of the world’s most challenging peaks, including seven-degree Mount Everest. In 2005, he completed a 18-year program called the Endeavor 8000 to reach 14 of the world’s tallest peaks (8,000 meters above sea level or 26,240 feet above sea level) . When Vistas climbed the 14 peaks, no auxiliary oxygen was used.

Ronald Jennes

In 2006, Norwegian explorer Rune Gjeldnes became the first and only person to successfully cross the world’s three major ice sheets (Greenland, Arctic and Antarctica) without support. In November 2005, Jendenes began the “longest journey” feat, skiing alone for three months, crossing the Antarctic in 4,800 kilometers, and in February 2006 to complete the journey. He is still keeping track of the longest and longest ski trips without support.

Watch Features:

Two-button lock on the chain crown, two-button lock device to ensure complete screw-type crown waterproof, it depends on the set in the tube and the crown of the two sealed areas. All Oyster watches are equipped with this device, water depth of 100 meters on the chain watch is the only active parts outside the watch, so the Explorer II case on the crown to protect the special shoulder.

For clear reading, scratch-resistant blue crystal glass surface, clean surface and unique fluorescent material mark, so that the Explorer II in the most dangerous environment to keep clear and easy to read.

High-intensity luminous display, the surface brightness of the Chromalight luminous display, to ensure that the wearer can read in a dark environment when the clear. In the same photometric environment, the blue light can continue to shine up to eight hours, more than double the fluorescent material in general time.

Paraflex cushioning device, in order to enhance the movement of the seismic capacity and to prevent the watch was broken, Rolex replica developed Paraflex cushioning device, can enhance the balance wheel and other components of the earthquake damage force of 50%.

3187 movement, explorer II watch fully developed by the Rolex self-developed ultra-precision 3187 type self-winding movement, in addition to the traditional hours, minutes, seconds, but also for the display of the second time zone with a 24-hour pointer . It is equipped with Parachrom gossamer and Paraflex cushioning device, effectively prevent the watch in extreme environmental conditions or impact against.

Although the Replica Rolex Explorer II216570 is not necessarily my favorite Rolex stainless steel sports watch, but its huge size, wear resistance, impact resistance, the need for a modern multi-functional watch, is a worthwhile choice . And can be more occasions to wear – business, leisure, sports can be.

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