Replica Rolex Yatch-Master 18ct Rose Gold Black Watch Review

Recently, Rolex launched the classic marine watch Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master new 18ct rose gold black watch, especially equipped with the Rolex R&D Oysterflex strap. This design cleverly makes the metal strap more solid and reliable, rubber strap flexibility, comfort and beauty rolled into one. The subtlety of the bracelet is that the inside is a super-elastic metal sheet, while the outer layer is wrapped in high-performance black rubber. The new Yacht-Master is available with a diameter of 40 mm and a new dimension of 37 mm.

The new Oysterflex strap

Oysterflex strap

Yacht-Master’s new Oysterflex strap is developed and patented by Rolex. It is rugged , reliable. It is also outstanding waterproof performance, flexible and beautiful and comfortable to wear. Looks like a rubber strap, but its durability is comparable to the metal strap. The bracelet is attached to the case and the oyster-type safety buckle by an elastic titanium-nickel alloy piece. High-performance black rubber will be coated metal sheet, in a variety of environmental conditions are not susceptible to, durable and durable, wear is also very strong. In order to wear more comfortable, Oysterflex strap with a patented longitudinal buffer system, so watch fixed to the wrist. Strap is also equipped with 18ct eternal rose gold oyster-style insurance deduction to prevent the watch accidentally open.

Yacht Master Cerachrom

Yacht-Master rotating outer ring engraved with the new black Cerachrom font. Polished bright three-dimensional figures and scale in the matte color circle is particularly clear, so that the wearer easily read 60 minutes of time record. This watch for the first time with the black surface, and Chromalight luminous hands and minutes mark in sharp contrast to the luminous material lasting distribution of blue light, in the sunlight and dark environments are legible.

The New Rolex Yacht Master Everose

Yacht-Master oyster case is capable of ensuring water dive depth of 100 meters. Combined with excellent design, it is a solid example of the perfect ratio of elegance and perfection. 18ct eternal rose gold middle-level case by Rolex to create. On the chain crown with triple buckle triple waterproof system, together with the triangular pit bottom cover, firmly tightened in the case. Shoulder pads and middle-level case integration. Mirror to blue crystal manufacturing, easy to scratch. 3 o’clock position with a small window convex lens, easy to read the calendar. Waterproof oyster-type case for the high-precision movement to provide the best protection.