Replica watch four dress code for Cartier Santos

Dress can cover a lot of scenes: it can be a wedding, or it can be a grand celebration. Although the dress code may vary in detail, the style of the watch is the same. If they can talk, they should say to the wearer: “This activity is very solemn, I have tried my best to keep it. Serious.” The safest way is to take a watch with a pure gold replica watches with centuries-old design essence, so that you can be elegant and unconventional. Today, rose gold or gold is entirely up to personal preference, but pure gold fake watches may have a bit of a slap in the hands of these formal occasions, so it is more suitable for belts or steel chains. But there is no doubt that Cartier’s timeless style will never be outdated.

From black ties to white shirts, Santos is always the most classic match. In this era of flexibility and unconstrained form, we still believe that in non-start-up business workplaces, professional dresses, if not full suits, should at least be jackets and ties, and this is exactly what Santos is like. Of course, unless you are the boss, the pure gold style may be suspected of being swollen and full of fat… but we can be flexible, and this is the benefit of the gold theme, which not only shows the success of the company invisibly, but also It allows you to easily integrate into the high-end business atmosphere.
Business casual, a dress code that sounds like a tricky one, is very difficult for many people to grasp. However, Jack Gyllenhaal’s starring role in Brokeback Mountain is basically done. Lightweight sweaters, neat jeans, and stainless steel Santos, everything looks so harmonious. The combination of the gentle curves and unique shapes that Santos has carefully polished has doubled its appeal. We can even say that this watch itself is equivalent to a business casual style. Casual Santos
Santos is only a leather strap from formal wear to casual. Each Santos has two different straps and offers a wide variety of options. We recommend the calfskin style in the picture above, which gives it a rough look and is perfect for jeans and T-shirts. Don’t think that Santos has a long history and thinks it can’t cope with the severe test of modern life. On fashion, Santos is really not afraid, and the anti-magnetic movement and the waterproof rating of 100 meters make it easy to keep up with you. Every step.

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