Cartier blue disc replica watches

This year’s SIHH Geneva show has two new products to watch: the Santos “Noctambule”, which shines in the dark, and the Santos gradient blue-panel watch, which is cheaper. But today we only talk about the latter.
It’s just a milder facelift, but the combination of a smoked blue dial and Santos is really heart-warming. The Santos watch has a unique shape, not to mention the large size, which is inevitable, but the dark-toned dial makes it look more restrained. As a whole, there is a kind of hidden beauty of the sword. The rest remains the same and can be played at a price below $7,000. Fake watches Cartier occasionally puts a blue dial on the best-selling work, such as last year’s blue balloon, and most Cartier watches use a silver dial, which is also the brand’s logo. From this point of view, the blue Sandus is very distinctive, and it is also true for those who think that Cartier’s classic style is too outdated.

The blue dial is more sporty and more casual than the classic silver fake watch, and it also makes the watch look smaller. This color is really suitable for this style and size. The blue on the dial is a soft blue (but deeper than most photos), and the hue gradually darkens towards the edges. Although the surface has been modified by a radial wire drawing process, the effect is not very obvious. In short, it looks quite low-key and restrained on the wrist.
The mirror-polished Roman numeral hour markers and white scale tracks stand in stark contrast to the dial, but this combination does not provide optimal readability in some environments with high light conditions. Because the time scale and the pointer also reflect the light, it looks like it is integrated into the dial. Since the mirror time scale is made of metal, we can’t see the traditional Cartier “secret signature” on this watch. This is a small detail, but the fans of the brand will soon notice. Another nice detail is the calendar window at 6 o’clock, which uses a dark blue background that perfectly matches the dial.
In addition, it is a little surprising that this time the brand did not use the blue steel pointer design of the previous standard style, but the Super-LumiNova luminous material was coated on the pointer of the replica watch. This not only provides the function of reading at night, but also highlights the casual atmosphere of the watch. This watch is a “large size” model with parameters of 39.8mm wide, 47.5mm long and 9.08mm thick. Well, it’s really not small, but due to the relatively thin thickness and the influence of the curve of the case, this watch is not cumbersome on the wrist, only the stylish and delicate look.

Finishing at the case and bracelet is quite good at this price point. The layered performance of the drawing and polishing process is perfectly combined, giving the overall multi-stage architecture with a very high grade.
In addition to aesthetics, the case has two practical features. One is the QuickSwitch mechanism, which is a buckle on the back of the strap or strap that allows the wearer to quickly remove the strap for easy replacement.
However, although convenient, but this, it also represents that consumers’ choice of belts is limited to Cartier’s own product circle, in fact, this is a common problem of all patented strap accessories. In short, this means that consumers’ choices are not as broad as those of ordinary ear straps, and the price they pay is not as cheap as a normal ear strap.
Another feature is the EasyLink mechanism, a small button on each link on the back of the metal chain that allows the wearer to quickly increase or decrease the tool to find the best fit for his wrist. size.
Inside the model is the Cartier entry-level self-winding movement Cal.1847 MC, which provides a 48-hour power reserve. In other Cartier watches, such as Clé de Cartier, the movement can also be seen on the body, and it is still visible through the bottom. A notable feature of this movement is the nickel-phosphorus alloy escapement, which makes the movement less susceptible to magnetic forces. In addition, these nickel-phosphorus alloy parts are made by a high-tech molding process called LIGA, which has a low dimensional tolerance and thus effectively improves the accuracy of the watch.

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