Panerai 959 blue ceramic ring 2019 entry basic model replica watch diving watch

Panerai 959 blue ceramic ring 2019 entry basic model replica watch diving watch

In 2019, PANERAI launched a number of topic tables at the exhibition. In addition to several limited editions with a special experience itinerary, the style design of the product itself also showed some novel ideas. This PAM00959 and the 683 with it may be discussed by relatively few people in this new list, because it is closer to the existing style than the other two, but if you consider the actual start-up There are also related strategies behind it, and the average consumer may have to pay more attention to these two.
Comment 1: 42mm new blue ceramic ring

As a professional diving watch, the Submersible line of products is almost all large watches of 44mm or more. It was only in 2017 that the 42mm “small diameter version” was first introduced. The 684 and 682 were introduced in rose gold and stainless steel respectively. The rotating bezel of the 684 is equipped with a black ceramic color ring, and the 682 is still the same standard steel ring. The two new models in 2019 can be said to be an upgraded version of the 682. They maintain a 42mm size and stainless steel case, but the bezel has a ceramic color circle, of which 683 is equipped with a black circle and 959 with a blue circle. And change the faceplate to gray.
▲ Compared with the common pear floor on the market, this granule is thicker, which is quite suitable for Submersible’s rough image. In addition, the gray luster also gives the surface a different texture. The small seconds of the 959 and 683 are all blue, not specifically for 959.

Comment 2: Group’s resource sharing movement

From the replica watch bezel specifications, the new looks like an upgrade, but when you look down the movement, it is not quite the same. Before the 682 and 684 were carried by Panerai’s own P. 9010, two new models in 2019. It was refitted with the OP XXXIV movement, which was first used in Luminor Due 38mm in 2018 and supplied by the Richemont Group. OP XXXIV was modified by the 1847 of the same group Cartier. In recent years, including the famous celebrity, and the newly added IWC in 2019, the model derived from this movement is the one that is now more important in Richemont. Movement; if you simply compare the data of P. 9010 and OP XXXIV, both are three-day chains, and the frequency is also 28,800vph. There is not much difference in specifications, but in terms of cost, the self-made 9010 is still in any case. It is relatively high, so 683 and 959 are actually controlling the cost. But as mentioned before, the performance of the front and rear fake watches movements should not be too bad, and the cost saved by the new movement on the movement is used to upgrade the ceramic bezel, so in the end they are priced more than 682. Quite close.
▲The back of the case is a screw-in solid bottom cover that is waterproof to 300 meters. Compared with the same offer by Cartier, it has also been widely used in other 1904 movements of other brands in the group. The base 1847 of OP XXXIV is used for more imported brands and styles, which is a bit close to the positioning of ETA2892.

Comment 3: Synonymous with Guillaume Néry

The introduction of 959 in addition to the 683 ceramic ring changed to blue is also a big selling point, it not only chooses the gray that is rare in Panerai, the disk also made a large grain pear geological sense, the whole They are very distinctive. If you look at the blue circle and the gray pear floor, it is more like the three-pin version of the 2019 Guillaume Néry co-branded 982. In order to match the blue color of the bezel, the same color system was selected, and a single canvas belt was a blue stitch around the black bottom, both of which took into account the integrity of the whole watch. It doesn’t really have the basic taste of wearing it.
In 2019, Panerai beat the diving watch product line, but since the brand has focused on the innovation of the case material this year, the blue ceramic is relatively rare in the past fake watch Panerai, and the gray grain surface The plate also has the taste of the simplified version of the previous brand ambassador. In the case of close conditions, it seems that the selection of this PAM00959 has become a reasonable choice.

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