Green Submariner Vs Black Submariner, Which Is Better?

Green Submariner vs black Submariner, Which is Better?

They are diving watch in the classic model. Since their inception in 1953, they rely on perfect performance to conquer the deep-sea world. Like the depths of the ocean, the watch is the best professional divers to accompany; explore the land, it is superb and the perfect embodiment of courage, it is highly visionary watch lovers of all ages.

Green Vs Black, Which Is Better?

Rolex superficially nicknamed “Rolex Dwarf”, referring to the replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner. This as the deep submarine watch “Rolex Dwarf” family, including the green, black, blue, red water ghosts, and the “King of Ghosts,” said the Comex series. “Rolex Dwarf” family, each “King of Ghosts” Comex more to the real under the sea is known. The green Submariner and the most popular Submariner, especially green Submariner, it is the city was sold out.

The Birth Of Submariner

In the 1940s and 1950s, people developed submarine resources, especially oil and natural gas, which formed a world boom. Under this background, the Rolex Submariner series was produced. It had good identification, high contrast ratio Of the black and large luminous needles, a good anti-magnetic, waterproof, anti-collision structure, good corrosion resistance and anti-severe temperature difference, so that snorkeling more convenient. In 1953, Rolex produced a small number of diving watch, prepared in 1954 in Basel, is the world’s only waterproof more than 100 meters mechanical watch.

With the advent of submarine-type, Rolex diving in the field show the world’s top level, but also allow them to get more of the best quality resources. In 1963, world-class underwater operations Comex and Rolex cooperation, Rolex to provide underwater test table, and Comex divers will be provided for the Rolex watch real environment performance analysis data. Participate in deep-sea test of these watches include the submarine-type, so each is really under the sea Comex. Rolex will be on the dial of these marine visitors are printed on the Comex to distinguish between the public offering on the market style, and these special for Comex diving watch is the Rolex Submariner with Sea-Dweller, that is, we usually say “water ghost ” And “King of Ghosts.” Rolex can be said that in cooperation with the Comex diving table reached a new height.

Review Replica Rolex Green Submariner

Rolex Submariner Calendar Series 116610LV green disc watch, also known as “green Submariner.” It is characterized by the surface of the watch with PVD technology coated with “green gold” coating, and its green gold material ratio is a secret. Bold and excellent design for the Rolex stick to the traditional brand is a great innovation, green water ghost since the introduction, no doubt become the Rolex one of the hottest products, and because this table only a group, it The next batch of features that are exactly the same appearance replaced by black water, making this watch has a very high collection value.

It uses the classic Rolex 3135 automatic mechanical movement. Its case material is 904L stainless steel, excellent corrosion resistance; table mirror is wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass. The addition of a small window to the surface of the lens and instantaneous change of calendar display, allowing users to dive or exercise clear and convenient observation of the date. In addition, this table with a one-way rotating outer ring, accurately mark the scale, clockwise rotation of the bezel on the bezel on the triangular scale on the minute hand, use the scale display to calculate the landing time.

Review Replica Rolex Black Submariner

Black Submariner is in order to fill the Replica Rolex green Submariner in the market of great vacancies and launched the watch, “black” refers to the black ceramic material.

Rolex watch the success of deep water submarine thanks to a number of breakthrough technological innovation, including the new exclusive case of Rolex Ringlock System structure, which ensures watch in the deep water calmly under great pressure. Specially designed for the most demanding professional divers. In addition, the other three outstanding watch components to achieve the outstanding performance of this watch also contributed: its high-performance stainless steel ring placed between the blue crystal glass and case back cover to ensure that the glass and case back easily Under the huge pressure; its blue crystal glass surface is slightly arched, oyster than the other models of the glass surface of the thicker, and the other compression capacity doubled; case back cover with a high resistance to resistance of titanium alloy, And with the performance of the 904L stainless steel ring fixed.

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