Christmas Coming! Choose Quality Replica Rolex Daytona For Your Friends

The previous generation, who liked to buy Rolex as an investment because of its good workmanship, molten steel foot and steady style. Second-hand market has a market. To our generation, no one doubts the fact that prices in the market watch, Rolex is one of the best.

Last week, the brand’s annual new work has been exposed in Switzerland Baselworld and 8 new models show to the watch lovers. Today we have selected some of the popular models presented to you. In addition, if you want to buy imitation watches for economic reasons, please shop around to see the details of the purchase when the Rolex to reduce the loss of money.

The Ultramate Cosmograph Daytona

Classic Cosmograph Fake Rolex Daytona, the most sought after is also very popular in the market, was launched from the two years ago to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth, separated by a year to the new Cosmograph Daytona 904L steel table for this year’s flagship, from the appearance to the white, black surface Are familiar with, in particular, the original is the tachometer outer ring with brand research and development and patented black ceramic Cerachrom, corresponding to the 1965 version of the black plastic glass ring design, the focus is to improve the durability of the tachometer more Peugeot .

Daytona on the last major facelift in 2001 replaced their own production of 4130-type chronograph movement, in the past 15 years, the steel section Daytona basically maintained the same way. Plus ceramic outer ring or increase the size of the rumors every year, until this year has finally implemented the conversion of black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring. Quality Daytona’s outer ring engraved with a tachymeter (Tachymeter) is a major feature of the watch, compared to other Rolex Watches, can measure up to 400 miles or kilometers of average speed, Daytona watches and racing the world is closely linked to the important DNA. Cerachrom ceramic outer ring made with high-tech, has many advantages. Not only anti-corrosion, anti-scratch, even by ultraviolet radiation will not fade. In addition to the outer ring is extremely durable, PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition physical vapor deposition) coating technology in the digital and scale coated with a layer of platinum film, the outer ring on the tachometer more clearly. Cerachrom outer ring forming, will help to sapphire crystal surface fixed on the case, and to ensure that the watch’s 100 meters waterproof performance. The unique shape of the middle case with a solid block 904L steel cast, harder than the average watch a lot of steel used. On the chain crown with Rolex’s patent triple lock triple waterproof system, and the timing button, firmly tightened on the case, and protected by the case shoulder pads.

New Replica Rolex Daytona equipped with 4130 automatic mechanical chronograph movement, first introduced in 2001, after more than 10 years of market test, proved to be a very stable and reliable timing movement. Rugged timing movement with column-wheel and vertical timing clutch device, the timer can quickly start to ensure accurate timing. The gossamer is the heart of the watch, equipped with a patented blue Parachrom gossamer from Rolex, made of a unique alloy made by Rolex. The gossamer is not subject to magnetic interference and is stable even with temperature changes. Gossamer higher than ten times. Movement of the power reserve of 72 hours. Watch pricing Swiss franc 11,800, is expected to arrive in the second half of this year.

Buy imitation watches to identify true and false is not easy, basically have to understand the watch model, the following places:

  1. To prevent the fake to buy, the main use of the reputation of the seller and merchants.
  2. With original boxes, certificates and receipts.
  3. Buy watches, of course want to check the movement. But the brand has adopted a lot of tables to be dedicated to open the special tools to the bottom of the triangular pit pattern, a sealed case in disguise, to get back to Rolex by professional craftsmen to open the movement.
  4. From outside the inspection, note the following security features: the surface of the bezel under the glass inside the “ROLEX” lettering, remove the strap at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock between the ear table engraved with the serial number and model, the new goods will Stickers can show the laser holographic logo stickers, 2002 after the production of sapphire watch at 6 o’clock on the surface of the etched micro-crown logo.
  5. The most simple direct method is to take the watch back directly to the Rolex Service Center on behalf of inspection.

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