Diamond and gold collision, tasting Bulgari LVCEA hollow replica watch

This year, Bulgari introduced the hollowing technology into the LVCEA series for the first time, and continued to use the elements of rose gold and diamonds in the design, which is very understandable to women’s psychology.
Inspired by the light and shadow of the ancient Roman sun, the BVLGARI replica watches are named after the Latin word “light”. Tightly connecting light to time, Bulgari is like a modern woman who shines like a halo, showing women’s multifaceted charm and self-confidence. This time, Bulgari launched the new LVCEA hollow fake watches (China limited edition), to show the moments of women’s fresh and shining.

In Bulgari’s view, time is unique in every woman. In their teens, women seem to be ashamed of roses; in their twenties, they enjoy the love of roses; in their 30s, their lives are like roses, confident, refined and sexy, interpreting the fullness of life. And over the age of forty, they learned to be subtle, introverted, and exude a unique aroma in low-key elegance.
You are rosy, you can see the unusual luck and joy, and it is gorgeous. The new LVCEA watch, specially designed for Chinese women, combines the red color elements of Burgundy to fill the dial of time, with both fashion and comfort, while interpreting women’s moments like roses. The vividness of the LVCEA watch is inadvertently reminiscent of the Italian freedom of Bulgari roots in Roman culture, capturing the joy and sweetness of every moment.
The firm pursuit of women’s inner heart is like the precise and stable movement of the fake watch. If the movement is the most moving part of a watch, then the hollow movement is the pure beauty after the timepiece purification and refining. The new LVCEA stencil watch, always feel the elegant resonance of exquisite timepieces and women’s inspiration. Designed to meet the needs of women, the Bulgari Logo logo is incorporated into the hollow design of the interior structure design, which combines the finest watchmaking skills with the pure aesthetics of fine jewelry.
The other two new LVCEA hollow watches continue the traditional design features of Bulgari. Also equipped with a Tubogas bracelet, one with a rose gold bezel, a convex egg-cut pink jewel and a diamond crown. Another bezel set of pavé diamonds takes the luxury of the LVCEA openwork watch to new heights. The red lacquered hands add a touch of brilliance to the hollowed dial, complementing the convex egg-cut gems set in the crown.
BVLGARI homemade self-winding hollow mechanical movement. 33mm stainless steel case with 18K rose gold bezel. The 18-carat pink gold crown features a convex egg-cut pink gemstone and diamonds. The pierced BVLGARI logo dial is set with rubies. Red alligator strap
 The watch is 33 mm in diameter and 18K rose gold in case. The case and bezel are set with diamonds. The collision of rose gold and diamond makes the watch look luxurious and dazzling, making many women can not help but love.
The dial is hollowed out and the inner movement can be seen through the dial. The dial is decorated with rose gold-plated “BVLGARI” logo letters, and the letters are also set with diamonds. With a red pointer, it is particularly eye-catching. The color palette is also unique.
The Lvcea skeleton watch is an innovative masterpiece combining fine watchmaking skills, fine jewellery aesthetics and colorful colors. It has a distinctive Bulgari style and reflects the charm of women.

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