Charming retro dial – Jaeger-LeCoultre series geographer steel replica watches

This new edition of the master series of geographers, and for the three geographers, some people focus on their extremely close to the price of the people, but there are other people, including the author, it is The retro “Sector Dial” has its own unique influence, and even many players have begun to revisit this face style.

Several features of Sector Dial, the so-called Sector Dial, may literally translate into a “partitioned dial”, referring to a dial style that was popular in the late 1920s to early 1950s. It includes a multi-circle dial inside and outside and a radial time scale at the junction of the top and the inner and outer rings, and the fake watch dials of different circles tend to adopt similar but different colors or surface treatments, but this is only a generalized statement, actually The changes on the list are quite rich and cannot be generalized.
The fake watches are represented by an independent 12-hour clock and a day and night display to indicate the second time. The second time is synchronized with the world city name underneath. When the crown is rotated 10 o’clock, the second hour and hour are The city ring will be synchronized, technically it is already a world time zone table.

Although the definition is not very strict, the new geographer is undoubtedly a type of partitioned dial. The dial is divided into three circles. The hour and minute scales are outward and inward, respectively, and are different from The inner ring and the outermost ring are white, and the middle ring is made of silver-gray and concentric round surface treatment, so that the world timetable that we have already seen is instantly showing a completely different retro style, and it is very pleasing.
The designer added a highlight to the pure Sector Dial style, which is the use of light blue to make a key decoration; blue is originally one of the common color schemes of advanced watches (especially in recent years), but most of them are more The deep navy blue, like this kind of water-blue hue, is still very rare, which makes the retro surface less traditional. This light blue application is not so obvious in the three-pin model, but it is quite popular in the chronograph and the two time models. The small characters on the disk are almost printed in blue, forming a watch outside the Sector Dial. Another visual impression.

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