Rolex Submariner Replica Date 116613LB Two-Tone Watches

Rolex is one of the most recognized luxury watch brands in the world. The Submariner should be the hottest collection of the brand. Each Rolex Submariner watch has iconic features and timeless design. Here, we’ll focus on reviewing a Rolex Submariner replica Two-Tone watch.

Blue Dial

Born in 2009, the Rolex Submariner replica Date 116613LB has a blue faced sunburst dial with textured effect. In different light conditions, the Maxi dial emits different fashionable patterns. The gold hour markers and hands contrast sharply with the color of the dial. We can also see the iconic “Mercedes” hour hand. The Cyclops Date Magnifier is also an exclusive feature of Rolex watches.


It was 33 years ago in 1983 that Rolex released the first Two-Tone Submariner watch, Ref. 16613. Since then, Rolex has been producing Two-Tone replica watches and shows no signs of stopping production to this day. The replica Rolex Submariner 116613LB watches use yellow gold on the center bracelet, crown, and scale on the bezel.

Cerachrom Bezel Ceramics

The first time exact Rolex replica Submariner watches used ceramic Cerachrom bezel was in 2010. Since then, every new Rolex Submariner fake watch has used a ceramic bezel. The imitation Rolex Submariner 116613LB has a blue ceramic bezel. The color of the ceramic is consistent with the color of the dial. The ceramic material is characterized by resistance to all scratches, corrosion and never fading.


The Submariner 116613LB is equipped with the NO.3135 movement. The movement is not only COSC certified, but it has also been tested internally by Rolex. What’s more, this premium movement has a 48-hour power reserve. In addition, this fully automatic movement has the ability to quickly set the date and time. A reliable Parachrom hairspring helps maintain the time accuracy of Rolex watches.

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