Overall Review Of Brand New Replica Rolex Sky Dweller From Baselworld

Rolex’s reputation can be said to be flourishing, and in my impression, the Rolex is generally the golden case and the golden bracelet, but the Basel Watch and Clock Rolex released a new Sky-Dweller series of products, bring us the new Rolex!

Different Appearance

In the 40th session of the 2012 Basel International Watch Fair, Rolex to get rid of more use of stainless steel or gold material habits, the new Sky-Dweller series of products are divided into three kinds of materials eternal rose gold, platinum and gold styles, are Rolex casting their own casting made of. And all 42 mm Oyster case, and in the outer ring with the Rolex exquisite craft Ring Command outer ring can quickly adjust the watch, this fully developed by the Rolex interface at any time adjustment will not cause the watch Injury.

Not The Same Technology

Sky Dweller comes with glory, is responsible for 14 patented technologies, of which 5 for the new patented technology. Known for people who need to travel around the world designed the first time zone with two years and calendar functions show the month of Rolex watches. With a 24-hour eccentric disc, independent rapid adjustment of the second time zone clock display, and in the 3 o’clock position with the new Sara system, only need to adjust the calendar once a year.

Distinctive Movement

Perfect Replica Sky Dweller series uses the Rolex independent research and development manufacturing new 9001 movement, is by far one of Rolex’s most complex movement, which also broke the Rolex can not do the rumors of a complex movement, once again confirmed the Rolex movement manufacturing The strength. 9001 movement is a new movement, but still maintains the characteristics of the Rolex Oyster movement, accurate and reliable, and through the official recognition of certified timepieces. 9001 movement with a new patent Rolex Paraflex cushioning device technology, so that the seismic capacity by 50%, using Rolex’s patented technology paramagnetic alloy Parachrom balance hairspring balance wheel, Rolex self-winding device in your swing arm When it can last for the winding, can provide up to 70 hours of power reserve.

Unknown Price

Rolex is currently equipped with a diamond complex movement of the watch very little, and this is carrying a lot of innovation and technology, according to Rolex’s position and some rumors that Sky Dweller series of watch prices will eventually 30 million yuan, Sky Dweller Europe latest price as follows: Sky-Dweller white gold (bracelet) EUR 38,900 Sky-Dweller yellow gold (bracelet) EUR 36,785 Sky-Dweller pink gold with strap EUR 31,460 students has the opportunity to start the relationship between friends.

Unclear Future

Although the Rolex of this innovation has brought us many surprises, but the only way to verify the watch or movement is the best tool, this watch with 9001 movement is able to stand the test of time Let us wait and see, perhaps it will bring us new glory and classic.

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