Rolex Explorer Replica Watches Grows From 36MM to 39MM

Since 1953, Rolex Explorer watches have maintained the case size of 36MM. The classic 3-6-9 dial has been deeply rooted. This classic and practical watch is not only suitable for explorers, but also for businessmen.

The Last Rolex Explorer 36mm-Ref. 114270

From 1953 until 2010, the case size of Rolex Explorer watches never changed. The last 36MM Rolex Explorer watch was born in 2001. In other words, Rolex Explorer 114270 replica is the last and latest watch with a 36MM stainless steel case. This replica watch is equipped with NO.3130 movement and has a solid end link.

Grown Up

After Rolex Explorer 114270 36MM watches have been produced for 10 years, the Explorer collection has ushered in a year of reform. With the emergence of Rolex Explorer 214270 replica watches in 2010, we see that Explorer has really grown up. The case size of these Rolex Explorer replica watches has been expanded from 36MM to 39MM. The dial is still the black 3-6-9 dial, but these numbers are made of white gold and use polishing technology. But this also means that there are no luminous marks in these three time scales, so the readability of the new Rolex Explorer replica watches is reduced. Another problem with Rolex Explorer 214270 fake watches is that the hands do not extend as the dial expands.

Upgraded Rolex Explorer 214270 Replica

In 2016, Rolex upgraded Explorer 214270 internally. The model has not changed, but we call the upgraded Rolex Explorer 214270 Mark II. This watch was born to solve the two problems mentioned above. So we see the 3, 6, 9 time scales that glow, and the longer and thicker pointers. I think Rolex Explorer 214270 Mark II replica has the highest readability among all Rolex replica watches.

On every Rolex Explorer watch, I can see the epitome of Rolex. Isn’t this the fake watch you are looking for?

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