The History of Classic Replica Rolex Day-Date

In recent years, a variety of fashionable sports models are popular Rolex, but I really impressed in the classic paragraph called gold Replica Rolex Day-Date. Everyone with this impression: self-confidence charm of urban women, can not do not know how to match, to a simple white shirt khaki pants, wrist with golden Rolex, such a combination of its own in a comfortable and chic in which , The end of the wonderful, it is our most respected attitude of the expression of life - elegant posture, the performance of decent.

In fact, the 1956 launch of the classic Replica Rolex Day-Date, when the surface location of the full name of the week 12:00, eye-opening, and because the United States President Eisenhower wearing a “President” of the nickname. This table is only the version of precious metals, Rolex is the top model in the automatic table, evergreen for decades. It was too much table swagger, in fact, it is advertised in the luxury style. Luxury things to converge subtle? Do not make jokes. The same Rolex lovers of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, his close friend had talked about in the TV show for Sarkozy-like luxury goods, said the defense of such a saying: “Everyone has a Rolex. 50 years old, not a Rolex, then your life is clearly a failure.

The new edition of Day-Date, which appeared in 2000, changed its polished form and looked more ingenious. On the other hand, the appearance of the Replica Rolex Day-Date became round and round, and it was another richness that many collectors regarded as In order to have a special visual effect, Rolex has done a lot of surface models with SEMI-STONE, black agate, lapis lazuli, tiger’s eye stone and malachite, and so on; in 2008 the line is the best-looking Day-Date; Year, 41 mm caliber Day-Date II available to a larger area with gem side … … These are the Rolex Day-Date series collectors heart good.

Rolex is widely welcomed by the market and the table owner’s approval. However, Rolex is not like the old glory under the brand of Enron contentment, since the beginning of the creation of Knock off Rolex will be flowing in the bones of innovative breakthroughs in green blood. Everyone has their own reasons like Rolex, all kinds of can. However, we have not thought about: those who like the Rolex watch repair technician reasons? The answer may be as simple as the reason most of us like it - rugged.

Rolex is really a very hard brand! After ensuring the reliability of the design and materials, or in some places we can not see the ingenuity ingenuity.

Back to our heads of the core, it has also been several major upgrades and improvements. Launched in 1959 Cal.1555 is a slow swing, swing frequency 18000vph. In 1965, each began to explore the fast pendulum or even high-frequency, Rolex wobble frequency also increased to 19800vph, pendulum fixed on the hairpin piles outside the device has also been modified, the movement to upgrade to Cal.1556. About 1971 to 72 years or so, to further improve the movement, began to pull the second stop function, user-accurate time. Of course, there are many small changes, such as hairspring anti-hanging pile protection pole set up and canceled, etc. will not go into here.

In addition to the classic gold models watches, the individual is very popular blue dial style, to maintain the original Day-Date of the various sophisticated features and shape, this little blue, letting this classic, the more Some fashion and elegance, in the second between the walk, bring out is a graceful poetic time.